Our history

Swing Dance - Shoes - Italy - Marche

If you think about it, it’s a logical path, came up from a simple idea, supported by a hint of initiative, enriched by a bit of knowledge, refined by a focused studio.

The study of Swing and the world in which it was born, in which it develops. Exactly, the world of Swing, far and wide, without borders and without prejudices.

Of its people, crazy and brilliant, determined and dreamer, passionate, fascinating, smiling and demanding, cheerful of a contagious cheerfulness.

Yeah, if you think about it, with a pair of comfortable , good leather wrapping the feet of the tireless dancers, you can keep on dancing all night long. Because in life, as in swing dance, just health and a new pair of shoes and can travel the world!

Our name Boun’s Shoes was born by a merging, if you are looking for the meaning... we are Bounce Shoes.

Made in italy

Homeland of the footwear industry

In 2016 we were born (with the more literal name of Bounce Shoes) just to try and see as a sort of challenge.... Is it possible that in Italy - yes in Italy, home of the most refined footwear industry - there is no company that produces Swing shoes, whether Boogie or Lindy or Balboa or Jazz? There are some for the tango, salsa, for the more generic ballroom dance... but the Swing seems confined abroad, as for comfort or flexibility. They didn’t bounce far enough to reach us!

To be honest, the "movement" is still in its infancy here, it does not yet enjoy the popularity that would push to try business ventures, but gradually, insisting and believing, the schools are multiplying, teachers discover that they are not less than their foreign colleagues, the theme evenings spring up all over the Country, the desire to have fun and try the graceful figures and the elegant look of our grandparents.

In short, Swing begins to make its way and brings with it the History, the genius, the wild. The great American dancers export style and sympathy, they show up at our festivals, and so on the dance floor can happen to be followers of inaccessible leaders, unreachable, legends that just watching them on Youtube you already feel excited: Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, Jean Veloz.

The eye falls on their feet, on the engine. No, they don’t wear sneakers, and they, the great dancers, the old timers, don’t just wear dress shoes with ultrasonic heels. There is clothing in vintage style and the shoes are an integral part of it, they must be elegant and at the same time light, colourful, adorned, garnished, unique but above all, well, comfortable for long dancing marathons. It’s really possible, then, that you have to go and buy them abroad, to the States or maybe in France or Germany, which are pioneers here in Europe? Weren’t we the best at making shoes? Didn’t Italian shoe factories land from the boom of the 50s to the shiny streets of international shopping?

So we Boun’s started to work hard. We went through magazines from the 1930s, stolen the details of the vintage pics, experimented on paper with the rainbow of colours, we have even learned to draw the weaves and lacings and to measure the proportions of a heel. The first models were born: Papillons, Rusty Dustys, Ties – Cravattina- with that extravagant form of male tie. Tallinn, you’d believe, comes directly from an Estonian Crafts Museum, discovered there, in their fascinating capital: photographed, studied, reproduced.

And now? Who would have tried to set it up? This looks good on paper, but not easy, anyway.. It helped us, we Boun’s, that little dose of knowledge we talked about in the beginning. Our homeland. Do you know what is the Italian land of footwear? Well, we wrote it at the first line: the Marche. Land of origin, luckily, of our family. And so here we go, knocking on doors of the small - but great - craftsmen of our areas, to tell them a dream, to drag them into the enterprise, to upset their routine, to change their games, or “heels” on the table, and even the shapes, to colour their workshops, to transmit them optimism and confidence... Finally, to start the project of the first models, then the new ones, then the half sizes to give more comfort to wide or narrow foot, to adjust the fit, to improve the sole.. To finally drag them into the business with us.

We started in 2016 from a small workshop, with a bit of hesitation and the hosanna of the friends: Swing shoes made in Italy. At last! It will be a success...

It was a small success. And it still is. We have paved the way we are aware of it: a small path in the beginning, gradually widened with dozens of models, boots, training shoes... We have arrived, after many experiments, to meet the needs even of the leaders, generally less prepared to take the risks of a new pair of shoes, perhaps bound to the same old pair re-soled endless times. Even to them, to the exhausted leaders, we now have to offer a wide range of models and colours.

Always keeping in mind the origins. The unattainable style of Swing and its extraordinary performers.

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