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Norma's first time

It was Easter Sunday 1932, Norma Miller was 12 years old, and as soon as the church service was over, she ran to play on the sidewalk in front of the Savoy. All of a sudden she heard someone calling it was the very famous dancer Twist Mouth George Ganaway. He approached her, looking very elegant in his white suit, smiled at her, and, taking her hand, asked if she would like to dance with him later in the hall.

Norma, very excited, answered yes, almost screaming. He then went to talk to the bouncer to make an arrangement (minors were not allowed in the Savoy) then told her that he would come back for her when the time was right, they would dance together and then he would have to take her out again, because she was not allowed to stay.

Norma almost jumped for joy: she was about to realise her dream of entering the Savoy.

Twist Mouth returned and Norma waited for him in the same spot, not daring to move for fear of not meeting him when he came to pick her up.

Finally she saw him coming out of the doors, took her by the hand and led her upstairs. When Norma entered the room she thought it was the most beautiful place she had ever seen!

Soon people were asked to clear the runway and everyone settled at the edge, leaving the middle free for the show. The couple formed by George and Norma was supposed to be a surprise designed by the dancer to amaze everyone, in fact when they appeared in the middle of the floor everyone looked at them open-mouthed wondering what a simple little girl was doing on the dance floor.

Twistmouth George took her hand, looked at her and said, "Don't worry, just follow me and everything will be fine."

They danced... and Norma felt as if she had never touched the floor, so fast and energetic were her movements. At the end the audience exploded and Twist Mouth hoisted her onto his shoulders and paraded her across the floor, then walked her to the door, set her down, thanked her and finally led her out.

Norma was happier than ever and went home dancing...she couldn't wait to tell her mum and her sister Dot, but...no, better not tell them, they would surely take her for a crazy person making up stories...better to keep this secret to herself: she had danced with Twist Mouth George, in the most famous ballroom in the world!

That night she went to sleep with a head full of good memories and the desire to return to the Savoy as soon as possible.

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Bunny Donowitz

Bunny Donowitz

She started dancing in 2009, and in 2013 began organizing dance nights, events with live music and simultaneously experimenting as a DJ. To this day, her passion for music and history are recognized by everyone in the community and beyond, and his history talks are always well-attended and exciting. Her djsets reflect her interest in the people of the past, those who created this music and those who, under the stage, danced to it. If you find her in a a venue she will always be happy to share her stories with you or have a dance, console permitting!

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